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During the class meeting time on Monday, March 25th, 2019, the Grade 7 and Grade 8 students in Beijing Foreign Languages School participated in the first round of competition for the title of “Foreign Language Star” – the class audition.


The election of Foreign Language Stars is the prelude and one of the most important events of the Foreign Language Festival in BFLS each year. The purpose is to create certain environment for foreign language learning, upgrade the student assessment system, and to set up some models for students to learn from. The way that all the Foreign Language Stars are selected by the students themselves and that everyone can apply for it as long as they have excellent grades in language learning and outstanding performance in language competitions in the previous school year shows our strong belief that everyone can excel in foreign language learning and that we should always learn from our peers.

在此次班级初选中,同学们各展所长、竞争激烈。有的提前录制好了竞选视频,有的现场即兴演讲,所有同学都通过各种方式展示了自己在英语及其他外语学习方面的优势和特长。最后每班选出一名同学参加本周三早上的年级竞选。祝愿各位候选人在年级终选中取得好成绩!Good luck!

In the class audition, every applicant gave full play to show their competence in foreign languages learning: some made videos beforehand to present their advantages; some produced impromptu speeches to lobby for votes. The winner in each class will participate in the final election campaign on Wednesday morning, March 27th this week. Best wishes to every applicant. Good luck!                                            

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