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[发表时间]:2019-09-05 [来源]:小学高端英语教育项目组


On September 2nd, the high-end English education project group of the primary school held the first meeting of this semester. The meeting was organized by Song Hualei, one of the directors of the project, with the theme being "Forge ahead at a new start!".


During the meeting, firstly, brief introductions were given. For better mutual understanding, foreign teachers from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland and other countries as well as the Chinese co-teachers in the school made brief introductions of themselves. It is so that effective cooperation can be reached and better service can be offered to improve the class, curriculum and students in the future.


Secondly, in order to regulate and standardize the foreign teachers’ teaching in the future, the director Song Hualei made detailed arrangements and gave lengthy explanations concerning the foreign teacher’s behavior standards, course planning, teaching progress, course content designing, demo-class developing, teaching and researching activities participating as well as special campus events launching. Song also put forward concrete requirements on the foreign teachers’ behavior and appearance, class management, course schedule, subject activities.


Thirdly, in order to clarify the responsibilities, Zeng Xueyao, a Chinese co-teacher, explained in detail the duties of co-teachers. She specifically listed them in terms of classroom cooperation and management, supervision of foreign teachers' course content and other respects.


Fourthly, in order to facilitate the foreign teachers’ living in Beijing, the Chinese co-teacher Zhi Wenzhu made a detailed list of shopping centers around the school. Also attached are screenshots and addresses of the shopping malls. With all these, Zhi presented to the foreign teacher a vivid picture of the surrounding life to the foreign teachers.


At the beginning of the new semester, the courses of the high-end English education project are proceeding in an orderly manner, and all the courses are carried out according to the teaching plan. All the members of the high-end English education project will continue to implement the spirit of the meeting, and reflect constantly to perfect the curriculum. We are striving to improve students' oral English level and cultivate their international vision, so as to lay a solid foundation for them to become qualified international citizens in the future.

(供稿:小学高端英语教育项目组      编辑:何颖)

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