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On November 3, 2019, teachers from our Elementary School High-end English Course Professional Group held a teaching and research meeting on the experience sharing of Chinese co- teachers. The meeting was lead by Chinese co-teacher Zeng Xueyao. All foreign teachers and Chinese co-teachers participated in the meeting.


At the beginning of the meeting, Miss Zeng made clear the purpose of the meeting, was to clarify the expectations of achieving the expected teaching objectives by developing better cooperation between Chinese co-teachers and foreign teachers.


Zhi Wenzhu, one of the Chinese co-teachers, was the first to share an experience. She introduced a method that she applied when correcting the exercise books. After each correction, she would note down the page numbers and the relevant wrong questions to urge the students to correct the errors in time. Also, she prepared a portfolio individually for each student to collect their assignments, which will help to observe their learning process and their growth throughout the year.

    第二位进行分享的中方合作老师是曾雪瑶。她首先向大家介绍了如何利用“Class Dojo”在课上和外教进行合作。其次,她分享了针对基础比较薄弱的学生,在课上所采取的一系列有效措施。最后,她提到了课上进行知识总结的重要性,在每次课的结尾,她都会把课上出现的重点单词、词组和句型等知识写到白板上,帮助学生进行总结和复习,以便他们更好地掌握本节课所学的内容。

The second Chinese co-teacher to share her experience was Zeng Xueyao. She first introduced how she used "Class Dojo" to cooperate with the foreign teacher in class. She also shared a series of effective measures she took in class for students who had some difficulty in learning English. Finally, she also mentioned the importance of summarizing knowledge in class. At the end of each lesson, she would write the keywords, phrases and sentence patterns on the whiteboard to help students summarize and review so that they may have a better understanding of what they had learned in that lesson.


After the experience sharing, the teachers said that they had been greatly inspired and gained a lot of practical teaching skills. Then, the foreign teachers and their respective Chinese co-teachers discussed how to cooperate more effectively in the future. Everyone expressed their own opinions and had a heated discussion about the current problems in their teaching process. Foreign teachers also actively expressed their thoughts about the training. In the future, they will work closely with Chinese co-teachers, listen to each other with an open mind, make full preparations for the classes, and work out a curriculum that is more suitable for the children.


     At the end of the meeting, Ms. Song Hualei, director of our Elementary School High-end English Course Professional Group, expressed sincere thanks to Zeng Xueyao and Zhi Wenzhu for their careful preparations, and hoped that all the teachers could live up to the expectations, make steady progress, and do their best to provide better support and help for the children.

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