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5月9日,初中高端英语项目组外教Ms. K进行了数学桥梁课公开课展示,初中教务处副主任张丽君和项目组内外教进行了观摩听课和课后评课活动。

课上,外教Ms. K首先带领学生们复习了上节课所学的核心知识,如FOIL解题方式、单项式(monomial)二项式(binomial)、三项式(trinomial)以及多项式(polynomial)的概念。随后Ms. K 围绕本节课的核心知识让学生就与实际生活相关应用题为例,给学生示范并引导其如何设未知数、列方程去解决实际问题。






附:Ms.K 公开课后的反思 

Open Class Reflection

   Today was my second open class of the school year. I held my open class with Grade 9 Class 9 and the topic was on Polynomial Math Word Problems. Since the students were already familiar with the Polynomial Unit, I wanted them to use their English skills to successfully solve word problems that focused on the usage and understanding of the English language. First, we did a quick review of the polynomial concepts already learned. This allowed the students to have a quick refresher. The remainder of the class time was focused on working through word problems; we solved an example together, individual work and my favorite part which involved the students working together to solve the questions. The group work was my main focus because I wanted students to learn how to cooperatively work together while also learning from each other and strengthening both their English, Math or both. At the end, I did a quick vocabulary review as the words learned in Science and Math class are not commonly used in their daily life. The game was an improvised version of “Headbands” that my wonderful students in Grade 8 Class 2A designed. It’s called “The 3-Word-Game.” I really enjoyed today’s class and I loved seeing my students work so well together and having them ask any questions that they had. I was also super excited to see my students do so well at solving the word problems! Overall, I think the class was a success and I got excellent feedback from my colleagues and look forward in applying it in the future.

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