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本届外语节将从2012年3月12日一直持续到4月12日,历时一个月。主要由开幕式、徽标征集、班级外语氛围评比、外语游园会、德语日、西语日、韩语日、日语日、英文朗读比赛 、英语拼词大赛、书评比赛、“北京精神”写作比赛、外语短剧比赛、外语卡拉OK大赛、外语电影配音比赛、外语演讲比赛、英语词王大赛和闭幕式等系列活动组成,并将在初、高中部举办节目汇演。




Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,

Good morning!

It’s our great pleasure to have the Ninth Foreign Language Festival of The Foreign Language School affiliated to Beijiing Foreign Studies University in this beautiful spring.

In order to promote quality education, deepen Curriculum Reform, and create a better environment for our students to learn foreign languages, the Foreign Language Festival is held every year to offer a platform for the students to practice foreign languages in everyday life, and show their abilities in various ways.

This year the Festival will last for a month. With the joint effort and preparation of the teachers and students, we will hold different kinds of English activities during this Festival, such as Foreign Language Star Competition, Emblem design competition, English writing competition, English spelling Competition, English Speech Contest, English Drama Contest,……

The festival will provide with a stage to show your talents as well as opportunities to practice what you have learned in class.

My dear students, the Foreign Language Festival has been our carnival of foreign language learning and become a traditional event of our school culture. Your wonderful singing, performing, smiling and laughing in the past Festival are still echoing in my mind!

I firmly believe that this year’s Foreign Language Festival will be more fascinating!

Finally, I would like to wish the 9th Foreign Language Festival a great success and I hope you will enjoy yourselves!

Thank you!


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