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为了激发学生的写作兴趣 ,提高学生的写作水平,落实“全人教育”、“以赛促学”的理念,并加强对“北京精神”的宣传与学习,威尼斯娱乐于2012年3月15日,举办了初一、初二全体学生英语作文比赛。

本次比赛要求学生从“Patriotism, Innovation, Inclusion and Social morals.”四个方面任意选择一个方面进行描述,或者描述一下自己对“北京精神”的理解及“北京精神”对自己生活的指导和影响。




What is“Beijing Spirit”?“Beijing Spirit”is made up of“Patriotism, innovation, inclusiveness and virtue”. I think to carry forward“Beijing Spirit”is very important, especially the patriotism at the moment of constructing the modern society in China.

One day I visited Yuanming Yuan with my parents. When we came to a big stone ruin, my mother told me there used to be the first European garden built in China, called“Water Fall”. My mother said that it was burnt by foreign invaders a hundred years ago.

Yuanming Yuan used to be the royalgardenofQingemperors. It took about one hundred and fifty-one years to complete the fantastic garden. It covered more than three hundred and fifty hectares at its largest. Yuaming Yuan was famous for its size, grand buildings, great architecture and enormous collection of jewelry, books, china, etc. It was one of the best buildings that I have heard of before. But it was burnt by the Anglo-French allied army. What a pity! Yuanming Yuan is China’s national humiliation indeed. Staring at the relics, I was filled with righteous indignation and thoughts how lucky we are in a peaceful time. If we don’t have a powerful country like today’s China, the yesterday of Yuanming Yuan will be the tomorrow of us. I loveBeijing, and I love my motherland as well. I also hope that every Chinese of home and abroad will make efforts to make our county,China, become stronger and stronger.

BeijingSpirit: inclusion


Patriotism, innovation, inclusion and social morals are considered to be the best words to describe Beijing Spirits.

Beijingis an international city and inclusion is the main spirit ofBeijing.Beijingis open to every one. People from all places ofChinacome toBeijing, and they have equal opportunities to work and live.Beijingis open to the world, too. There are foreigners from different countries, and their languages and cultures are respected byBeijingpeople.

My school is also an international school. I study inBeijingForeignLanguageSchool. My school is very open and inclusive, too, because every student from all over the country can be enrolled in this school. In my class, I have classmates fromHenan,Hubei,Xiamen, Shenzhen, etc. My school is also open to other countries. We have schoolmates from other countries, includingAmerica,Australia,JapanandKorea. Although we speak different dialects or languages, although we have different backgrounds, we get along very well.

Beijingis inclusive andBeijingpeople are warm-hearted. It embraces the country and the entire world. I am proud of being aBeijingresidence.

(供稿:王楠/初一二班 吴泽懿/初一六班 温可馨)

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