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为了激发学生的写作兴趣 ,提高学生的写作水平,落实“全人教育”、“以赛促学”的理念,并加强对“北京精神”的宣传与学习,威尼斯娱乐于2012年3月15日,举办了初一、初二全体学生英语作文比赛。

本次比赛要求学生从“Patriotism, Innovation, Inclusion and Social morals.”四个方面任意选择一个方面进行描述,或者描述一下自己对“北京精神”的理解及“北京精神”对自己生活的指导和影响。



Last week, the teacher told us many things about the “Beijing Spirit”. “Beijing Spirit” includes: patriotism, innovation, inclusion, social morals.

As for me, I have my own opinion. First, be patriotic. Everybody should do it. Our country is the same as our mother. We were born here. We grew up here, from a baby to an adult. She gives us protection and offered land, money, job, house, food and so on. If we never belong a country, we will have nothing. Our status, right and qualifications… All these are from our country. We enjoy it, so you should love our country, our motherland. We should try our best to do the things which is good for our motherland. We could be hard-working and observe the law.

Second, innovation, we need many new things to make our country be stronger and stronger, including art, ideology, and the technology and so on, innovation is very important for us. We can also make our life be more comfortable, and children need this to be clever and more creative. We can make many things which seem impossible to come true. Then we will enjoy it. It can make us relax and the transportation will be more convenient. We may never feel tired, because the advanced technology can help us with many things. Our technology will make great headway. Then, we will enjoy our life.

Third, inclusion, if there is someone who has done something to make us feel sad or angry or something not good for us. We should forgive them because everybody may make some mistakes. If we can’t understand that, we can think about ourselves. We also have done something that we didn’t think it’s important. But it hurts the others. So you don’t need to care about it. Maybe they didn’t know, it’s really important for you. Be happy try to think about something that you like, hope or do some other things. In some ways inclusion is love. Isn’t? Love all the people you have met. It can make you and other people fell happy.

Finally, it’s social morals, which is the most important thing of the Beijing Spirit. Everyone should be honest. To do the things as we are told to. Tell others the truth. If we promised, we should accomplish it. Do not tell lies. Then we could be kind. We can do many things to show it. Like helping the poor people and protecting the environment.

Anyway all this is around love. This is the center of the Beijing Spirit.

So let’s try our best to show “Beijing Spirit”.

By Ma Xinyi(马欣怡)from Class 1 Grade 8

A Kind Lady

The story happened long time ago. But now, I remember it clearly.

Last summer vacation, while I was traveling, I thought about something suddenly. I forgot to water the flowers; it was a pretty sunny day. My flowers would be dead. I should ask someone to help me, but it was too late! I was very upset, because I planted them a long time ago.

Of course, I had an unhappy travel.

When I went home, for the first thing, I ran to the garden to check my flowers sadly. To my surprise, they were as usual as before. What’ up? Were they very strong?

Luckily I found out the answer very soon, I hid in the bush, and there was someone who came to my garden and watered the flowers.

She is an old woman, I saw her water the flowers very carefully .I got out, and asked her why she helped me to water the flowers.

She told me kindly.

“I think you must forget to water the flowers, so I decide to help you……”

By Liu Xinpan(刘畔欣)from Class 3 Grade 8


There are four main characters in theBeijingspirits. One of them is patriotism; most students inBeijinglove their country. Another one is social morals, and people can know that from those amazing inventions. But today I’ll talk about inclusion

People sayBeijing’s spirit is inclusion because this is a city where there are lots of foreigners and foreign companies. Just like what we sang in the song “Beijingwelcomes you”, we really like to meet people from other countries. So, from this, we can draw a conclusion thatBeijingis really inclusive.

But it’s another reason that forced me to write this essay. When we say in inclusiveness, we mean we welcome everyone, no matter where they come or who they are, But is that true? There are many workers who come form other provinces, it’s their dreams to work inBeijingand when their dreams come true, they work in really hard because they really love this city. We’d think thatBeijingwould welcome them, but that’s no true at least not the whole truth.

There are many different people in their works---- white-collars and workers who build these buildings. For these white-collars, most of their kids can not take Gaokao to university inBeijing, so they have to go to the high schools in their hometown to learn maybe totally different things, they want to say it’s not fair, but who should they talk to? To these poor workers, things are worse. They don’t have money to live in apartments, so they live in basements. But there are rules that people can’t cry, but who cares their tears? There’re so many examples next to us that I can’t count.

As a teenager, I’m very confusing. How can we get all these people away while we are singing “Beijingwelcomes you?” Also, as a teenager, I always believe in those beautiful dreams. I believe in the future,Beijingwill begin to really welcome everyone. And as that day comes, we can say proudlyBeijingis an inclusive city.

By Yang Wanxi(杨婉希)from Class 2 Grade 8

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